Sunday 2 October 2016

16-09-2016- WORLD OZONE DAY

On the eve of “World Ozone Day” on 16th   September, 2016,  the Departments of Botany, Environmental Science and National Green Corps  organized World Ozone Day.  This programme was inaugurated by Rev Fr. S. Melchoir, S.J, Vice Principal. 

Dr. T. Srikumar, Invited Speaker
 Ms Tejaswini, Department of Environmental Science introduced the theme of the day. She explained about the importance of Ozone layer & role of an individual to save and protect mother Earth. 

The Guest Speaker Dr. T. Srikumar Department of Physics, Andhra Loyola College, was  emphasized on climate change, Global Warming – Causes occurrence and effects of global warming on Human Health, Plants and Animals. Dr. Kumar gave description about the important Green-house gases, contribution of each green-house gases to the Global-Warming. He also educate about Montreal Protocol, its important amendments, ozone hole in Antarctica ,Scanty ozone depletion over arctic region ,consequences of Greenhouse effect such as Rise in sea level, effect on plants, human health and wildlife etc.   
                                                                                                                  Faculty & Students
Prizes were distributed to winners of slogan writers. All the faculty members from the Depts. of  Botany, Microbiology & Biotechnology  participated in this programme. 

Total 225 students attended the Guest lecture.

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