Thursday 28 July 2016

28-07-2016- Guest Lecture on - CONSERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY

                                    WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY

The Departments of Botany, Biotechnology & Microbiology organized a two-day DBT-sponsored Environmental Awareness Programme in connection with the World Nature Conservation Day on 27th and 28th July, 2016.


 On 27th July, Drawing Competition was organized on the topics Climate Change-Health and Environment”, Save Nature” and “Conservation of Biodiversity” for the students of Degree, Intermediate and Postgraduate Sections respectively on 27th July, 2016.


A Guest Lecture was also organized on the topic “Conservation of Biodiversityon 28th July 2016 which was delivered by Rev. Fr. S. Emmanuel, SJ, Former Principal, ALC. He explained the importance of Flora and Fauna, Protection of Endangered and Endemic plants.


The Guest Lecture was followed by presenting prizes to the winners of Drawing competition.   Dr. B. Siva Kumari, DBT Programme Coordinator, and Dr.N.Srinivasa Rao, H.o.D. Statistics acted as Organizing Secretaries for the programme which was attended by the faculty of all the organizing Departments.  Winners of Prizes in the Drawing Competitions are as follows:


The following are the prize winners:
Inter Students

1. First Prize (Rs.500/-):M. Sonu, TB-78
2. Second Prize (Rs.300/-): U. Prudhui Raj, RA- 24
3. Consolation Prizes 5 (Rs.100/-):
K. Pavan Sai kiran  RB-90
A. Raja TB- TB-77
K. Ravi Kumar- RB- 68
T. Jolo Rahul- TB-58
A.V.V.U. Sai Haushini
 Degree Students

1. First Prize (Rs.500/-): R.Gowri Sankar (NFC-27)
2. Second Prize (Rs.300/-): M. Pradeep Kumar (AB-09)

3. Consolation Prizes 5 (Rs.100/-):
            1. V. Kireeti (ASC-34)
            2. A. Anjali (AMB-21)          
            3. P. Arun Kumar (AB-04)
            4. L. Rajesh (AVC-23)
            5. Vyshnav (AVC-09)
PG Students

1. First Prize (Rs.500/-): B. Vinay –AMBY-12
2. Second Prize (Rs.300/-): M.Naga Chetana- NMBA-14
3. Consolation Prizes 5 (Rs.100/-):
D. Bhavya Sree- NMCA- 15
B.M. Sangma- AMBY-17
Y.L.S. Amrutha-NMBY-04
M.Tabitha- NMBY-05
CH. Mallika- AMBY-01

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