Wednesday 6 July 2016



The Department of Microbiology organized a DBT Sponsored one day Industrial Visit to Model Dairy on 5th July 2016 for all the Final year Degree Students of the Department. Total 41 students were participated in this event.

 Mr. Srinivas, QA Dept from  the Diary  explained in a vivid manner about the Dairy practices such as checking the quality of the milk at the Raw Milk Receiving Dock and Pasteurization techniques and temperatures followed in the dairy and showed us the production of various dairy products.

      Next, we have seen the production of various dairy products followed by visit to Model RO water plant which comprises the Reverse Osmosis system, ozonization, uv treatment, etc. We have visited the Microbiology and chemistry lab in which analysis of water is done. Completer sterilization was followed.

     Finally, we have seen the Effluent Treatment Plant in which the waste water and other liquids from the plant are collected in a tank in which all sorts of organic and inorganic substances are present. To the effluent tank, Methanophilic bacteria are inoculated which produce Methane gas and the waste water is converted into useful water after the microbial treatment. The treated water is used for growing plants through which the biodiversity is also protected

The faculty Mr. K. Balachandra & Ms. M. Glory, Dept of Microbiology accompanied the students, and the trip was coordinated by Dr. B. Siva Kumari, DBT Coordinator. 

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